Information Security Statement

Our Philosophy

Repro Co. Ltd. provides a one-stop service covering application analysis, marketing tools and other digital marketing solutions for application developers and website owners, among other businesses, all under one core philosophy: enriching the world through achieving growth together with our clients

Repro handles all information, whether obtained or provided for, with the upmost care. Upon our understanding on the relevant security risks such as leakage, damage, loss and more, we have commenced, and will remain engaged in, the practice of ensuring information security. At Repro, we strive to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and security of any and all information.

Our Policy

  1. Repro conducts business in strict accordance with our privacy policy, all applicable laws, regulations and industry norms concerning information security.
  2. Repro periodically carries out systematic risk assessments base on a set of evaluation criteria covering core security risks, and implements the appropriate security measures when necessary.
  3. All Repro employees operate in strict accordance with Repro’s information security system established by information security officer ,with the assigned authorities and the corresponding responsibilities. Repro ensures the proper handling of information by regularly conducting employee education and training, and tuning all employees in on the latest updates on information security.
  4. Repro regularly inspects and audits the compliance with the abovementioned systems, and promptly takes corrective action when necessary.
  5. Repro have established emergency procedures to guarantee swift response in case of a security breach. A management framework that is periodically reviewed is also in place to avoid business interruption and ensure continuity in case of a security breach.
  6. Repro have established an information security management system to continuously review the policies as mentioned above in coordination with Repro’s philosophy to improve Repro’s business.

Established 15th Septembee,2018
Repro Co. Ltd.