Privacy Policy


Repro Inc may collect personal information when providing Repro’s services. Repro will comply with applicable laws and regulations in handling personal information and continue to offer reliable and secure services for all clients.

1. Defining Personal Information

Pursuant to the Japanese Personal Information Protection Act, personal information refers to information of a living individual containing any of the following items:

  1. A name, date of birth, or other descriptions (meaning any and all matters (excluding an individual identification code) stated, recorded or otherwise expressed using voice, movement or other methods in a document, drawing or electromagnetic record (meaning a record kept in an electromagnetic form (meaning an electronic, magnetic or other forms that cannot be recognized through the human senses) whereby a specific individual can be identified (including those which can be readily collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual); or
  2. An individual identification code.

2. Collection of Personal Information

Repro collects the Personal Information when clients:

  1. Register online or place an order for any of our products or services;
  2. Voluntarily complete a customer survey or provide feedback to Repro; and
  3. Use or view Repro’s website via the cookies of the clients’ browsers.

3. Purpose and Use of Personal Information

Repro uses personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes, unless with the written consent of the clients:

  1. To provide information concerning Repro’s services ,including but not limited to information collected from registration of Repro’s services, identity verification, payment, management of customers
  2. answering requests and inquiries from clients;
  3. providing information on offers for Repro’s services and activities including various contact details;
  4. maintaining, auditing, researching and analysing this Service;
  5. protecting the property and rights of Repro and our clients; and
  6. developing new Services.

4. Storage and Management of Personal Information

Repro securely stores the Personal Information at Repro server or servers of consignment companies providing its services to Repro. When closing a client's account, Repro will begin deleting certain personal information that no longer has a reason for business storage, such as hashed passwords and payment account data.
Repro takes necessary and appropriate measures to manage the safe usage of personal information. Repro works to prevent leakage, damage or defamation of individuals with all the information handled.

5. Clients’ Data Protection Rights

Every client of Repro is entitled to the following data protection rights:

    1. The right to access – The Client has the right to request Repro for copies of their personal data. Repro may charge the client a small fee for this service.
    2. The right to rectification – The Client has the right to request Repro to correct any information that the client believes is inaccurate. The Client also has the right to request Repro to complete the information the client believe is incomplete. Except where special procedures are established to the provisions of other laws and regulations, if necessary, Repro will conduct surveys without delay and based on those results correct the information and notify the client If Repro is unable to confirm the clients identification, requests cannot be made.
    3. The right to erasure – The Client has the right to request that Repro erases their personal information, under certain conditions.
    4. The right to restrict processing – The Client has the right to request that Repro restricts the processing of their personal data, under certain conditions.
    5. The right to object to processing – The Client has the right to object to Repro’s processing of their personal data, under certain conditions.
    6. The right to data portability – The Client has the right to request that Repro transfers the data that Repro has collected to another organization, or directly to the client, under certain conditions.
      Clients may call +81 03 6681 1907 or email [] to submit a request to exercise the rights contained in this article. Repro will respond within one month of receiving such request, except for under unavoidable circumstances.

6. Consignment of Personal Information

In situations where clients are entrusting all or a part of their personal information, a contract is concluded between with the trustee involving the protection of confidential information. Furthermore, Repro takes necessary and appropriate steps to attempt to safely manage the personal information of trustees through stipulating clauses that are mutually agreed upon to improve our Service.

7. Disclosure to Third Parties

Repro does not provide personal information to third parties without the consent by the client in advance, except in cases where it is stipulated in laws and regulations such as the Law of Personal Information Protection.

8. Modifying the Purpose and Use of Personal Information

Repro will only modify the purpose of use of the personal information to the extent reasonably related to the original purpose of use. Repro will publish the modified purpose of use on its website or client’s website.

9. Cookies

Cookies are text files stored on a client’s computer to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behavior information. When client visits our website, Repro may automatically collect information from you via cookies or similar technologies.

10. Cookies Usage

Repro uses cookies in a range of ways to improve the clients’ experience on Repro’s website, including:

      1. Keeping the clients signed in
      2. Understanding how you use our website

11. Types of cookies

There are a number of different types of cookies, however, Repro’s website uses:

      1. Functionality – Repro uses these cookies so that it recognizes the clients on its website and remember the previously selected preferences of the clients. These could include what language the clients prefer and location the clients are in. A mix of first-party and third-party cookies are used.
      2. Advertising – Repro uses these cookies to collect information about the clients’ visits to its website, the content the clients viewed, the links the clients followed and information about the clients’ browsers, devices, and IP addresses. Repro sometimes shares some limited aspects of this data with third parties for advertising purposes. It may also share online data collected through cookies with its advertising partners. This means that when the clients visit another website, they may be shown advertising based on their browsing patterns on Repro’s website.

12. Cookies Management

Clients may reject to the use of cookies or delete cookies, provided, however, that such acts may result in the failure to use a part or a whole of our website services.

13. Privacy policies of other websites

Repro’s website may include external links. This policy shall under no circumstances apply to such external links, and clients shall at its own responsibility confirm the relevant privacy policy of such links.

14. Changes to this privacy policy

This policy is updated from time to time and the latest version is published on Repro’s website. The last update date is [October 18, 2019]

15. Contacts

All inquiries in relation to this policy or the data relating clients held by Repro, or exercise of a right relating data protection shall be submitted to Repro via email or telephone at +81 03 6681 1907.

If client would like to file a complaint with Repro or feel that Repro is not sufficiently addressing your concerns, please contact [CEO Yusuke Hirata].
Address: Zenriren Building, 4th Floor, 1-36-4, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Should the clients wish to report a complaint or if they feel that Repro has not addressed their concerns in a satisfactory manner, they may contact the [CEO Yusuke Hirata].
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Yoyogi 1-chome 36-4, Zenriren Building 4F