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Repro’s Customer Engagement Platform provides you with both a powerful analytic tool and a robust marketing tool needed to drive your business growth. Turn your data into actionable marketing campaigns seamlessly within your data analytics dashboard.

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With built-in powerful analytic and segmentation tools, the platform is made to make data-driven marketing possible.



A powerful built-in analysis which allows you to take a deeper look into the health of your App & website. Understand your users’ behaviors and take action based on insight gained.

  • Retention Analysis
  • Funnel Analysis
  • KPI Analysis
  • Session Analysis


Create a highly precise audience segmentation based on events, users’ behaviors, user types, memberships, demographics and more.

  • Powerful Audience Segmentation
  • Cross-channel compatibility
  • Tech Integration
  • Smart AI Audience
  • A/B Testing


Repro’s platform can integrate with your existing tech stacks, database, and retail systems, which enables an unrestricted interaction between technologies to execute a personalized and multi-channel marketing campaign.

  • Real-time Data
  • API Integration
  • Audience Import & Export


Execute your marketing campaigns across multiple channels and bring your marketing strategy into a whole new level.


Mobile App

Deliver highly personalized push notification, interact with your users in a way never before, and make them look forward to receiving one.

  • Push Notification
  • In-App Notification
  • Cross-Channel
  • A/B Testing


Interact with your web visitors in a highly personalized way. Show them relevant products based on their browsing history or suggest additional items based on their past purchase history.

  • Pop-up Messages
  • Social Proof
  • On-site Embedded Message
  • A/B Testing
  • Abandoned Cart, Exit Intent & More


Integrate your Email marketing campaign into your overall marketing effort seamlessly and bring personalization to a whole new level.

  • Cross-channel Compatibility.
  • Be Personal & Relevant
  • Pre-designed Templates and HTML

World-class Customer Success

Our customer success team is here to ensure you are greeted with success the very moment you made the decision to go with us. They are equipped with many years of know-how and experience and are ready to provide you with personalized marketing consultation and support for your next big marketing campaign.

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World-class Customer Success

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