Goo-net: A used car auction site sees 30% improved in viewership
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Goo-net: A used car auction site sees 30% improved in viewership

Introduction & history of Goo-net

Goo-net is the car listing site with the largest user-base with 400,000 cars listed and more than three million downloads. It’s a subsidiary of Proto Cooperation, a listed company, which offer other car-related services and products.


Started back in 1996, Goo-net for more than 20 years, has been growing exponentially and now it’s the largest in the industry. In early 2010, due to the advancement of the smartphone, they released the App version as a new channel to acquire new users.

*For this case study, we interviewed Mr.Shingo Koto and Mr.Sai from the IT Solution department

When did Goo-net implement Repro?


We implemented Repro back in 2016. Back then, we did not have a promotion and development team, but we wanted to provide one-to-one customer service, just like how customers received in a store.

At that time, we heard of an app marketing tool called Repro, which has a strong reputation for app growth marketing. After learning that, we contacted Repro and implemented them into our system.

What was the decisive factor in actually introducing Repro?

The fact that many companies have adopted this technology and your team has a vast amount of know-how across different industries. Before using Repro, it has been challenging for us to judge whether the data analysis and execution we have been doing bring positive results.

So knowing that Repro was used by many companies, we confident that we can receive support from Repro’s customer success team that provides us an objectively look at our issues on hand. Making it possible for us to turn the PDCA cycle quicker.

Can you tell me something you guys did after implementing Repro?

1. Push Notification targeting at new users


The first thing we did was to analyze the user journey. We analyzed what kind of process a user goes through before making a transaction and how does the user growth funnel look like. From there, we list out all the issues which we wish to tackle. For example, one of the issues we found was a high drop-out rate for new users who downloaded our app but did not conduct any search. In this case, we decided to focus on increasing the number of new users using the search function.

To retain users who just downloaded the app but did not have the free time to use it, we implemented a series of push notifications that educate our users about the App functionalities, especially the search functionality. As a result of this push marketing campaign, the views of car detail pages increased by 30%.

2. Push notification based on user attributes


With the help of Repro’s customer success team, we can analyze user behavior and have a clear view of how users flow within our app. We utilized Repro’s event properties to come up with hypotheses of what is essential when a user chooses a particular car. And based on those hypotheses, we send out push notification according to their demographic and interest.

For example, to create the push notification content for the hypothesis “Housewives who love to go grocery shopping with K-cars”, the content was created by imagining the scene of how the scene of using the car and going shopping will be like. Because of that, our push notification open rate was improved by 80%. In the future, we would like to create a more specific push notification for a more specific user group.

What do like about Repro after using it for two years?


Definitely the in-app messaging function. Before Repro, if there is any new notification, only those who clicked on the alert button can view the notification. However, with Repro’s In-app notification functionality, we can easily reach users who just opened the app. It helped us to reach a wider audience when there are important notices.


How’s working closely with our Customer Success team is like?

It’s great! With Repro Customer Success team, we have access to the latest marketing strategies and know-how in the market. They also provide us with very objective advice when it comes to planning and execution. As mentioned, this is one of the main reasons why we implemented Repro. If we decide to conduct the data analysis or run the campaign by ourselves, everything will be in-house, and it will not be possible for us to take drastic measures to improve our KPIs.

With someone who is full of experience working side-by-side with us, it gave us the push we needed to implement ideas that we never thought were possible.

For example, before this, we did not send out much push notification to our app users. However, when Repro’s customer success team told us that it would be a great loss for us for not utilizing it, and how others had great success when using it, we made a move.

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