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Repro raised $27 Million in Series C Funding to expand to the APAC Region
press release Fri, Apr 03, 2020
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Repro raised $27 Million in Series C Funding to expand to the APAC Region

Tokyo, Japan (13 Feb 2020) - Repro, a leading data analysis and marketing platform, announced it has raised 3 billion yen ($27 million) in Series C funding to push for global expansion.

Investors from this round with Mr.Hirata, CEO of Repro


Front row, starting from the left:
Shinichiro Hori from YJ Capital; YusukeHirata CEO of Repro; Masaki Yuda from YJ Capital.

Back row from the left:
Junichi Nakajima from DGDV; Shozo Isaka from JAFCO; Masato Tanaka from SBI Investment; Takayuki Inagawa from NTT Docomo Ventures; Kazuhiko Chuman from KDDI

Investors this round

The latest announcement means that the company has thus far raised 3.5 billion yen (about $32M) in total, including previous funds from SHIFT, VOYAGE Group, JAFCO, DGDV & DG Venture.

  • YJ Capital
    Corporate Venture Capital of Yahoo Japan which supports promising startups in the IT Industry
  • SBI Investment
    Japan's leading venture capital firms. Focuses on providing all kinds of supports to investees, such as: supplying risk capital, supporting tax and financial management, consulting on the public offering and hiring executives and employees.
  • NTT DOCOMO Ventures
    Corporate Venture Capital of NTT Docomo is one of the largest telecommunication service provider in Japan. Their Investment portfolio focuses on IT ventures in Japan and overseas, promoting the idea of “Collaborative Creation”.
  • KDDI(KDDI Open Innovation Fund Ⅲ, Global Brain Corporation
    Corporate Venture Capital of KDDI & Global Brain Corporation is the CVC that invests in promising ventures in Japan and overseas.
  • DG Daiwa Ventures(DG Lab Fund)
    DG Lab Fund is an investment fund established by both the Digital Garage and Daiwa Securities Group Inc. that invest in global start-up companies with next-generation technology.
    Largest venture capital in Japan that focuses on ventures and buyouts

About Repro


Cross-channel Customer Engagement Platform

Repro is a Marketing Technology SaaS (Software as a Service) company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, on a mission to maximize communication between companies and their customers. Via its Customer Engagement Platform, Repro enables companies to create lasting customer relationships by sending the right content to the right person at the right time. This personalized communication is achieved through the platform’s easy-to-use features, which include automated data tracking, AI analytics & segmentation, and cross-channel messaging (App, Web, Email).

Repro’s story

Transforming from a Mobile Data Analytics platform into a Cross-channel Customer Engagement Platform


In 2015, Repro started as a mobile app analytics platform. During its early days, Repro received feedback from clients demanding for something much more than just a data analytics tool. To meet those needs, Repro launched its very first app marketing messaging features one year later. These new features allow marketers to effortlessly actionize data insights into marketing campaigns.

In 2018, two years after initially releasing its app marketing feature, Repro expanded to web marketing by releasing website analytics and marketing tools. With this addition, Repro was able to quickly dominated Japan’s competitive MarTech industry and started expanding global, mainly focusing on the APAC region with a headquarters in Singapore. Repro’s service is currently used by over 7300 customers, handling monthly data of up to 50 million devices.

Strong focus on the South East Asia region.


The current global expansion will mainly focus on Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia. With the new funding, Repro aims to strengthen its global IT developments, marketing initiatives, and operations.

Repro’s Goals for APAC Clients

Repro also aims to go above and beyond to make their customers’ success a reality with its Professional Services. This team of dedicated consultants works directly with clients to ensure growth in their KPIs, such as conversion, retention, and LTV (lifetime value).

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