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Food Delivery: Marketing Strategies
marketing food delivery Fri, May 08, 2020
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Food Delivery: Marketing Strategies

Food delivery is hard to crack. Given that customers expect the same experience they have in a restaurant, food delivery has to be fast and reliable. No one likes receiving a cold pizza or a melted ice-cream.

However, that is not the only issue they have. Food delivery Apps have to invest heavily in marketing. As food delivery apps are not something on top of someone's mind when they are thinking of food, they have to make sure they are constantly engaging with their customers, ensuring they are the first thing that comes to mind when they are looking for food. 

Marketing for food deliveries

It's difficult to build a food delivery business as it works in sync with three different parties - The driver, the restaurant, and the app. They have to ensure the marketing provided and campaign launched can be scalable, feasible, and within their delivery capabilities. As the delivery App requires the driver to act on the delivery, having too many orders might render the operation overload. While at the same time, the marketing promotion has to be attractive enough to appeal to the audience with different cravings. 

Marketing Strategies

The delivery business is a business that survives on repeated use. Hence, it is important to note that just having a customer order once or twice is not sufficient enough to keep the business growing. 

amazon fly wheel effect

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The best way to come out and an idea of sustainable growth, constructing a flywheel is the best way to go. The concept is originally made by Jim Collin, and Amazon is best known for using the flywheel approach to gain momentum on their business by being laser focus on what matters most of the customers - low price. The lower the price, it attracts more customers, and with more customers, it attracts more vendors, as there are more vendors, it drives down cost and thus turning the flywheel. 

Food Delivery_ Strategies 1

The food delivery business should have a very similar flywheel like the one used by Amazon, especially if you are in the general food delivery business. Create momentum on the flywheels by providing exceptional customer experience (e.g.: food variety, affordability, delivery experience), which will help to acquire more customers. More customers will attract more restaurants to be on board. And with more restaurants, the food diversities increasing, which results in more customers - hence becoming a flywheel. 

With a flywheel in place, it's time to get into more details on how you can best spin the wheel. 

Customers Research

Like any other business out there, understanding their customers is the best way to get started. The research will need to answer questions like How much is roughly is their monthly salary, what percentage of those salary goes to food, how much they are willing to spend on restaurants, how often they dine in out, and their attitudes toward food. Next, questions like their taste preference need to be understood. However, it is important to understand that taste preference changes all the time. It might change the climate, health condition, hormones, events, and age.

Creating an evolving personas

As mentioned, the taste preference in individual changes often, because of that, the personas created have to take that factor into account. Instead of treating the different personas as different individuals like in the other industries, the personas created for the delivery industry can be viewed as changes and transforming between different tastes within the same individual. 

Create a user journey

After the personas have been created, it is time to take a look at their user journey. It is vital to have a clear understanding of how your customers' customer journey is, from being aware of your service to place an order on their phone. However, most of the time, the journey does not stop there, as delivery businesses rely highly on repeated business. A second customer journey on how past customer travels from 1st order to 2nd, 3rd, and consecutive orders. 

Engage with your audience

After creating a customer journey, the important touchpoints will be revealed to you on how to acquire, interact, and engage with different personas. This can be done by creating a personalized marketing campaign based on the types of personas. For example, having a special promotion for chicken-related cuisine for chicken lovers to discover more options. 



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